Cleaning Without Chemicals

Cleaning without chemicals. We were delighted to respond to a request to clean a whole house, repaired after the Christchurch earthquake, using no chemicals at all. The repair project was managed and carried out by  GJ Solutions Group Ltd.

Chemical sensitivity is a growing chronic condition characterised by symptoms that the affected person attributes to low-level exposures to commonly used chemicals.These symptoms may include fatigue, headaches, nausea, dizziness, and inflammation of skin, joints and airways. Substances with strong scents are the most common reported triggers. These include a variety of cleaning agents.

So we approached the project through researching chemical free products and decided to use the Eco Store range which is gentle on the environment through the selection of gentle plant and mineral-based ingredients.

The whole house was cleaned top-to-bottom and we were over the moon the owner was able to move in the same day with no symptoms of sensitivity.

Mirror Image are pleased to offer eco-friendly, no-chemical cleaning in and around Christchurch for those looking for an eco-clean.
“I asked Mirror Image Cleaning to clean a home for a client of mine (we had just finished renovating her house) who had multiple, serious chemical sensitivities. No chemicals at all could be used in the cleaning process. Without batting an eyelid, they agreed to do this, showed up with the correct products, delivered a spotlessly clean home, as usual, and the client was healthy and happy.

As with all of my projects, there are individual requests from homeowners, or items I’d like special attention to. Mirror Image take note and need no reminder. Their staff are pleasant, professional, always accommodating and pleasant.” Joanne Hopkinson GJ Solutions Group Ltd

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