Residential Cleaning Services

We provide residential cleaning services throughout Christchurch and surrounding areas, including Rolleston, Lincoln, Rangiora, and Woodend.

Window Cleaning

Outsides, insides, conservatories, colonial windows, single or multi-storey; we can clean them all, streak-free and safely. For high windows, we use poles instead of ladders to comply with Health and Safety regulations.

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Pure Water System

New Technology

Our Pure Water System uses a small portable purifying unit that attaches to your outside tap to purify the water we use on high windows. Pure Water has had 98% of mineral ions or impurities removed, similar to distilled water. Pure Water acts like a magnet to dirt, removing it easily from your windows.

Why use Pure Water? Because the results are spot and residue-free, sparkling windows. No need for detergents either. We do not need to use ladders to clean high windows, and the windows stay cleaner for longer.


Gutter Cleaning

Let us do the hard work and clean your guttering inside and out. Contact us to discuss options for multi-storey homes.

Gutter Cleaning Domestic

House Washdowns

Keep your paintwork and exterior building surfaces looking smart and under guarantee. No more annoying cobwebs and bird excrement.

Spring Cleaning

Let us give your home a deep ‘spring clean’, including the areas you don’t often access during regular cleaning.  Contact us to discuss low-emission or environmentally friendly products required for your clean.

Paths and Driveways

Let us water-blast your paths and driveways, leaving them free of mould, mildew and light stains, just like new.

Carpet Cleaning

We can remove small stains and arrange a trusted carpet cleaning firm to do the job for larger areas or stubborn stains.